Rosita Casita and Tacoma

Rosita Casita and Tacoma
2012 near Big Sur, CA

Friday, February 12, 2016

5-Lounging around in Punta Perula

14:00, Tuesday, 19 Jan 2015

This will take a bit longer to draft. The keyboard on the laptop has decided to crap out so I am trying this IPad app to publish the next few entries.

8 Feb: Looks like I will not be able to publish this for another few weeks, or until I can get to a better internet site. Also could be the features of this IPad app. Whatever it is I am unable to upload this to the website with the Internet we have here, even at the local I-net cafe.

Another shitty day in Paradise.... It is in the low 30’S, the surf is higher today and is pounding the beach mercilessly and we will probably take advantage of it later and see if we can 'ride the wild surf' on our boogie board without breaking anything. Some of these waves are 6 ft and breaking all along the beach, no curl to be had. Well, I have to do something exciting.

Hmmmm, not today.


More my size
Fran has been riding on the beach with a lady who has 2 horses and lives quite close by. She and her husband/partner are from California and have lived here, off and on, for many years. It is amazing sometimes how a single request can lead to amazing results. Fran asked her if she needed anyone to ride with one day and after a 'check ride' Fran has become her regular partner, 2-3 times a week riding down the beach, something Fran has always had in her bucket list.
Juanita and Fran

Since then we have been to a Polo match in Careyes, just down the road, yes, Polo and not just a few locals playing. This was the finals in a Mexican competition, on an official regulated field, among local teams who had recruited ringers from Argentina and Mexico City to supplement their teams. Since then Fran has had the opportunity, twice, to exercise the polo ponies stabled at the facility. She hasn't stopped smiling since, except when she ate that piece of chilli the other night...

The teams and officials

The backup team

I had a chance to do a SCUBA refresher course and 2 spectacular dives last week. We were so fortunate to pick a perfect day for the open water dives. The visibility was almost as good as the San Blas islands in Panama where we snorkeled a few years ago. The SCUBA Republic shop is owned by Gilles, a Frenchman who is also part owner of the Scuba Jazz Cafe, the most popular establishment in town. He is also a very accomplished guitar player and entertains his customers on weekend evenings.

Eagle ray
Puffer fish

In addition to the daily RV Park activities described in the last post some of the residents organize events such as the Sunday farm visit where you can have a glass of milk directly from the udder and fortified with a shot of Kahlua. Yesterday we had an old fogey Olympics event consisting of 5 events. Bowling: a set of full (water) 3 litre Coke bottles with 3 coconuts, that game with the small bolos that you have to wrap around a ladder thing, boules: that had to be thrown into a hoop about 30 ft away, blindfolded ball toss to a partner with a bucket who tries to catch them with a bucket and a steel washer toss into a foot square box with a verticals piece of 5in pipe in the centre. 3 points for the pipe, 1 point for the box. Tomorrow there is a at trip to a very nice beach but with the surf this high that trip is doubtful, at present. Last week we had a pool night at one of the 2 pool halls in town. 15 of us invaded the 2-table establishment for a 3-hour fun tourney. Amazing how some people get serious about a fun tourney..... Sunday nights is Texas Hold-me. Fran won the two pots last Sunday. Tonight we have an evening at a restaurant owned by a family who had their Taxi (his livelihood, apart from the restaurant) confiscated by the police and ransomed while visiting in Guadalajara a few weeks ago. The episode smelt like a squeeze play by the police to obtain a taxi for one of their own who's brother's car had been wrecked.

We are still in a quandary about going to Zihuatanejo. We have heard conflicting reports of the safety along the coastal road we would have to take. Official tourist alerts from Canada and the US advise against it and stories of vehicle highjackings in the past few years abound.

Saturday, 23 Jan 15, same location.
Ian and Ellen, friends from Cedar near Nanaimo have arrived. They were sailing buddies a few years ago (Kasasa) and have taken to the RV lifestyle. Their boat is up for sale in Guaymas, close to where we kept Gosling.
We have finally decided to stay put and not go to Zihuatanejo for Kirk and Charlene's wedding. It was a painful decision to make but the warnings of travelling along the coastal road between Manzanillo and Zihuatanejo are too worry some. Besides, the roads are not good and any damage to the running gear of the truck or trailer would be next to impossible to repair. The road goes through the state of Michioacan which has been a hot bed of drug activity for the past decade. The official warnings state that the highjackers are mainly targeting 4-door pickup trucks, Toyotas being their favourites. We might as well have a 'highjack me' sign on the front bumper if we travelled that road. Two other couples who were intending on going that way have also cancelled.
Charlene and Kirk, our heartfelt apologies.

14:00, Monday, 25 January, same location.
Another day at the beach and another heavy surf day. I can hear it crashing on the beach from here. It sometimes sounds like a 747 warming up ready for takeoff. Today is overcast so we don't have to cover up up and it is a bit cooler, actually a few degrees cooler than the water (84F).

Big surf

If it wasn't for the date on the blog and yesterday's football madness we would never know that another weekend has passed. The time here just washes over us without any consequence of date or day of the week.Yesterday we went to the beach in front of the anchorage at Tenecatita with Ian and Ellen. There were 22 boats there but only 2 of them were familiar. We had a nice visit with Gia and Overheated and walked the beach. The hurricane last year washed a lot of the beach away and exposed a lot of the bedrock by the charm of the location was not altered. It seems like the political/landowner issues of a few years ago have evaporated. The main beach has re-opened to the public and the boat channel through the mangroves has re-opened. The palapa restaurant on the beach has become an established venue, operated by a professional outfit rather than the rag tag operators of the past. Unfortunately, prices have been adjusted in the change.

When we got back yesterday the football hysteria was in full swing. The few Americans (mainly from Colorado, Bronco fans) in the park have affected most of the others. Two colour TV's were set up and food and refreshments were set up like a pot luck. Thankfully the last game ended just before the start of the weekly Texas-hold-me event.

Today was supposed to be a snorkelling day but because of the heavy surf and overcast we decided to lounge about. MaƱana.....

We are now owners of Callisto, a C&C 35. We have concluded the deal with Fred and Charlene, another RV couple here in the park from Comox. It is an older boat but, from all the reports, it has been well maintained and loved. We will be sailing her back to Mayne Island in May or June where we have a mooring ball already arranged. She will need some upgrades but the price is right and, when we get a berth at CFSA it will only be a short walk from home to work on her.

11:45, Sunday, 31 Jan 2015, Same location

Hard to imagine that we have been here for 2 months already. It is another beautiful sunny Mexican day and another heavy surf day. Fran is off to a village just south of Tenecatita for an art walk event with Ellen and the Americans are already preparing up for next Sunday's Super Bowl craziness while the group from Quebec is setting up for the hockey game at the same time. Lots of Montreal fans here but they no longer admit it too loudly.

Not much happening here besides that. There were 15 boats in the bay at sunset last night. The surf is keeping most of them from landing ashore. We are waiting for the arrival of K'sala, a couple from Comox who we met several years ago. They are off to the South Pacific in a few months. This week we had two Canadian boats from Campbell River and Thetis Is pass through. St Leger and Patron have been cruising for over 20 years and are back in Mexico for the season.


Fish wave


The front yard on a good day.

We have modified our plans yet again. We will be leaving here on or about the 20th and heading up to an RV site just south of Rincon de Guayabitos. Our freinds, Bruce and Marge will be just up the road so we will have a chance to see them on our way north from there.

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